Bondage Step by Step 5




With this bondage we begin more complex creations for the bondager and more bindings for the model. We thus recommend you launch into this creation only after you have mastered the previous bindings.

Again we use a rope of about 8 meters (25 ft), folded in 2.

You place your partner facing away, their arms straight behind with the wrists together. We are going to begin by binding the elbows together. With the rope folded in half, we encircle the arms passing the rope a little above the elbows, then crossing it through the middle loop. Tighten the loop to pull the elbows together.

Attention: some people can touch their elbows together while others may not. Thus you must adapt your techniques to the morphology of your partner. This bondage should be tight but it does not have to be transformed into a tourniquet.