Bondage Step by step 9

Utilization of bambou



In this lesson, we are going to use bamboo to assist in restraining the arms. For lack of bamboo, you can naturally use a wooden handle; however it is essential that the piece is round to prevent injuring your partner.

Also let us note that this bondage can be created equally well on a woman or a man.

We are going to use 2 ropes of 8 meters (25 feet). The diameter which you see in the illustrations is 6 mm (¼ in), but you can also use the 8 mm (3/8 in), in particular if you create this bondage on a man.

Begin by folding your first rope in 2 and make a lap of the waist. Pass the free strands through the middle loop of the rope and go back the other way around to make a second lap of the waist.